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Evolutionary Pressure in a Changing Business Environment

I am truly inspired to see how innovative people have been with the dramatic change to the 2020 market conditions. Through pure necessity, opportunity or a desire to help, it gives me renewed hope to see so much positive work when adversity strikes.

This has also been true for our business. Looking down the barrel of a depression in the market with international business grinding to a halt, our boss was able to steer us to avoid the rocky shores and back out to sea, by chanting his mantra of "always looking for the client's needs". For us, we were able to fairly quickly assemble our designers and construction staff to start producing protective barriers for offices, restaurants, amusement parlors and schools.

It wasn't easy but the challenge has been a rewarding experience. And has highlighted more than ever the importance of focusing on your clients needs. I hope everyone is able to use this lesson to their advantage, take a moment to think about their key customers and how you may be able to help them and in turn, help yourselves.

If you business, school or facility needs help to restore some confidence during this pandemic, check out our email me at, or give us a call on +81 (0)6-6809-7065.




For the past 3 months, our fantastic Curtin University interns have been considering the social issues facing the majority of Japanese rural towns. Today they presented their ideas to the community of

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