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Curtin Interns Design Road Back to Rural Japan

For the past 3 months, our fantastic Curtin University interns have been considering the social issues facing the majority of Japanese rural towns. Today they presented their ideas to the community of Iwanai. Explaining to interested parties how their town redevelopment proposal can reverse the urban migration suffered by many rural Japanese towns.

See for yourself here:

#iwanai #curtinuniversity #ncp #neoplaarchitects #Japandesign #urbandesign


Luke Mifsud

Eden Rigo

Sophia Alvarez

Elijah John Sebuc

Harold Panganiban

Noor Mustafa

Jack McMahon

Bryar Vink

With assistance from

Annette Condello

Jake Schapper

Nao Heffernan

Additional Booklet can be downloaded here:



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